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21 November 2015



Protect your precious baby’s feet with our adorable babies booties from CuddleMe Baby Fitted Booties.
A beautiful gift for parents to be, these Fitted Baby Booties are made from soft micropolar fleece material and feature elastic sides with velcro fastenings at the ankle for easy fitting.
More fitted to your baby ankle than any conventional shocks with no unnecessary pressure to your baby ankle. No More shock’s mark!
CuddleMe Baby Fitted Booties will stay along day at your baby feet, give enough warm and extra comfort to your baby. Exclusive transparent plastic box packaging is also an added value!
Suitable for 0-6 months
Length +- 11 cm
Material Micropolar fleece

20 November 2015



EasyWrap by CuddleMe has an innovative design that is cross between a sling and a soft structured front carrier, providing the positions
and benefits of both, plus more! There is no other carrier available like it. It is NOT a Wrap, also NOT just a SLING.
It has BOTH! It is soft structured front carrier that is very soft, easy to use, can fit to all size,
and allowing you to comfortably carry your child from 0-15 kgs with all possible position that wrap can do.
EasyWrap by CuddleMe is Made of unique blend of Cotton Viscose Terry Spandex knit fabric, strong enough to carry your baby hands free from 0-15 kgs
and won’t be over stretchy.
The ‘X’ Cross Stretch fabric creates a comfortable and secure pouch to hold your baby, the soft padding at the shoulders provides more comfort for you,
and the sash belt provides additional security for your baby and support your back and your shoulders
It is very easy to use!

  • Versatile design, one size for all, unlimited adjustable
  • Easy to use, no need complicated tying method
  • Made of unique blend Cotton Viscove Terry Spandex fabric. No more over stretchy!
  • Easy to use, easy to take off and adjustable as babycarrier, as comfort as babywrap
  • Can be used from newborn until toddler (0-15 kgs)
  • Pocket available for stuffing small items
  • Can be used as baby wrap also as single sling
  • Easy to wear, easy to take off



CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow is a nursing pillow that has 5C’s and more benefits for you and your baby!
  • Comfort : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow makes breastfeeding a comfortable experience for you and your baby. With polar fleece anti pilling fabric, gives you and your baby super-soft fabric, nice touch feeling for you and your baby. Flat and wide support for your baby also a great plus for CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow
  • Colors : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow has 3 colors to choose from. Wide range for baby boy and baby girl
  • Convenience : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow very easy to bring, just fold in half and put it in your shoulder or just toss it in your stroller, make it very portable.
  • Convertible : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow can be use as booster seat in your car when your children is already to use ordinary seat belt.
  • Compact : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow can tie the webbing excess by folded and tied the excessive webbing with elastic loop in the end of the webbing. It’s very space efficient, whenever you don’t need to use it, just folded it into half and put it aside.
Using super quality of sponge to assure your comfort and lifetime usage, with foldable unique design for portable purpose, first layer at the surface made of anti pilling super soft polar fleece fabric, second layer inside of the pillow made of nylon polyurethane laminated for waterproof effect. No more worry with every liquid that may drop at the nursing pillow, it will not absorb into the sponge. Just use handkerchief to wipe the nursing pillow surface and you can use it again!
Equipped with small pocket in front of the Nursing Pillow, to keep your small stuff such as handkerchief, tissue, etc.
Easy washable Nursing Pillow, simply remove the pillow cover by unzipping the zipper, take out the sponge, put the cover into washing net (included) and machine wash it in cold water and dry flat.
Price included Laundry Bag for machine wash
Weight : approximately 1 kg, each CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow already vacuum packed in clear plastic pack for easier delivery.
Dimension : 50 x 40 x 10 cm (unpacked)


CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod is the original & innovative swaddle that allows your baby to sleep, with their arms inside or out. Swaddled babies who have access to their hands may settle better and sleep longer.
Super fast and easy to use.
Most importantly CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod helps your baby stay wrapped all night long!
Even dad will be a wrap expert!
Cap set is also included, so baby can go fashionable while swaddled
Using high quality Cotton with Spandex blended material, make it cool enough, stretchable and comfort for babies.
Also equipped with 2-way zipper for easy diaper changing, zipper tent to keep zipper under cover and inside zipper layer protector for more protection for your baby
 (cap included)


ndulge breastfeeding moment for mom and baby with style by using 100% silky spandex fabric that cover 360 degree area of sight. No more worries when breastfeeding.
When going out , shopping, having lunch with friend with baby, as a struggling breastfeeding mom there must be a feeling of anxiety.
“When my baby will start feeling hungry?” or “how if my baby starting to cry in an unfamiliar place?”
That’s why CuddleMe created Nursing Cape that is cute, pretty and very suitable for a mom like you. With a large neck line, round collar strengthen with boning for easier eye contact with baby, easy to wear, looks like usual clothes, no more worries about breastfeeding anywhere anytime.
Not only to be weared inside nursing room, you can even use it in mall, restaurant, park, during your pumping time and makes you feel relieve that none can even see you from your back
Using 100% silky spandex fabric that is light, soft, flowy, and stretchable,  lifetime usage 


{bobalimut} is abbreviation from boneka bantal selimut.
Soft, multiuse and fun, {bobalimut} will amuse your little one.
Silky, cozy, cute and plush, this lovable hooded blanket can be tucks into its cute character plush cushion when baby isvready to play or on the go.
Your baby surely will love CuddleMe original character Mr.Pongo & Ms.Pinqueen as we love to create it!
  • 3 uses in 1 as cute plush doll, cushion and blanket.
  • easy to store blanket inside cute character cushion for playing or on the go
  • cute hooded blanket
  • body : 100% polyester fleece, luxuriously soft, cozy & durable
  • trim : silk spandex
  • size : 74 x 90 cm
  • machine washable

19 November 2015


CuddleMe Infant Insert, Cuddle Your Baby with your heart

CuddleMe Infant Insert 
 Is a cushion with back support padding and bottom support cushion for supporting natural curvature of baby’s developing spine and ensure healthy hip/leg position. During spine development, infants are not supposed to be seated with weght bearing on their sacrum. CuddleMe Infant Insert encourages proper spinal development and a healthy hip/leg position by eliminating weight bearing on the developing sacrum

CuddleMe Infant Insert
Combination of CuddleMe Ergonomics Carrier with the Infant Insert enables you to buy only one carrier that will assist your through all the stages of your baby’s growth. The Infant Insert is a specially padded and shaped cushion that can be quickly and easily placed in the carrier and readjusted as needed. Your infant is then held in a cozy, protected environment close to your heart, as well as in an ergonomically correct and naturally supported position. This is best for the baby’s physical development from newborn to between 4 – 5 months. Parents can remain attentive to their baby’s needs and at the same time continue daily activities.
The Infant Insert has an optional closure strap to secure smaller infants (approximately 3 kgs), or infants that prefer to be more tightly swaddled. DO NOT, under any circumstances, use the strap as a handle to carry your baby in the Infant Insert.

Please observe the following precautions:
• When learning to place your baby in the carrier, do so over a bed or other soft surface, ideally with the help of another person.
• The Infant Insert should be used in the front carry position ONLY.
• For general information and detailed instructions for the front carry position, please refer to the instructions for your CuddleMe Ergonomics Carrier.
Do NOT leave your baby unattended in the Infant Insert .

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