Pemborong Mainan dan Beg Kanak-kanak

17 November 2015


The differences with previous version NOT ONLY it has pattern, but it also:
  1. Has webbing glide slider for both foot strap and back buckle. So, will be easier to adjust and to move
  2. Has softer Cotton Canvas fabric for you and your baby comfort
  3. Has 3 pockets to keep your small stuff
  4. Has fleece lining in the leg line to avoid leg/thigh red mark to enhance comfort for your baby
  5. Has diaper bag strap holder
  6. Has buckle to adjust the length of the hoodie, so it will be easier to adjust
  7. Has 2 way adjustable back buckle , so you can adjust the back buckle with both hands
  8. Has easier to adjust side strap, so both strap can be pull in only 1 step
  9. Has wider and thicker shoulder pad to enhance your comfort
  10. Has Teething Pad from white bamboo jersey with hypoallergenic dacron filling(Included)
  11. Has thicker and higher quality strap, for better performance

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