Pemborong Mainan dan Beg Kanak-kanak

8 January 2017


Protect your baby’s mattress from spills, stains and leaks with DryPad, waterproof pad protector. Made of soft absorbent micro polar fleece, DryPad offers a soft surface for your baby to rest on. Its pretty trim around Drypad’s edge adds to its charm. With soft absorbent micro polar fleece top and durable innerside polyurethane layers, it prevents leakage. Also its soft poly woven bottom layer is soundless when moved on, so it protects the mattress without crinkling noises. DryPad is also non-allergenic. The lightweight and thin 2-sided DryPad can be compactly folded for easy storage or transport. It even can be tucked into a diaper bag, so you don’t have to worry about soiled mattresses when you’re taking your baby out. You can also spread out this DryPad on your lap when you’re holding your baby. It is also can be used during toddler’s potty training time and for new moms. It can be machine washed for easy maintenance. It is multi-use pads that can be used conveniently and travel friendly
  • Multi-use pads protect Baby’s mattress or your lap from spills, spit-ups and leaks, also during toddler’s potty training time and for new moms
  • Absorbent micro polar fleece top , innerside waterproof polyurethane layer and bottom sides soft poly woven layer
  • DryPad features waterproof, soft, absorbent fleece with pretty trim around the edge, without crinkling noises
  • Versatile,convenient, handy, and thin enough to toss in a diaper bag
  • Features: Folds Up for Easy Transport, 2-Sided, Non-allergenic, can be tucked into a Diaper Bag, Travel friendly
  • Material: micro polar Fleece, polyurethane, poly woven, all bonded into one layer fabric
  • Protective Qualities: Leak-Proof, Waterproof
  • Dimensions: 70 x 100 cm
  • Suggested Age: newborn and up
  • Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash



AirSling is a baby sling that is using durable performance athletic mesh which lends breath-ability with just the right amount of stretch. Its breath-ability is a must have for hot weather babywearing. The fabric itself feels like a lightweight, silky swimsuit which keeps it light in the water & allows it to dry very quickly. So you can wear baby at the water park or in the pool. This especilly comes in handy for keeping hands free to play with or help other children in the water.

You can even use AirSling for daily babywearing due to its additional comfortable features : light padded inner label and ring protector. It will enhance your comfortable experiences in babywearing. You can also always being prepared with AirSling when babywearing is in hurry need, since you can fold it in compact and light inside your handbag.

Dimension : length 180 cm(exclude ring) width +- 70cm


Pull up style training pants with 2 layers cotton fleece absorbent and waterproof layer that designed to assist toddlers in potty training. Outer and inner side is made of Cotton terry for ultra comfort. It is anticipate accident and help toddler to realize the wetness and learn to use toilet. Easy to pull up and down pants, to promote independence, and transform from nappy to big boy or girl pants. Also its adjustable waist to adjust the size perfectly make It perfect choice for parents. Surely makes potty training toddlers in less mess method.
PLEASE NOTE – This type training pant is designed to help toddlers at potty training time with accident, not performing as nappy to hold multiple accidents.
How CuddleMe Adjustable Training Pants works:
  • The waterproof barrier keeps wetness contained.
  • The soft cotton terry outer and inner layer gently touches and safe for your baby’s skin
  • The ultra absorbent 2 layers cotton fleece core pad & waterproof sheet minimizes messness
  • The unique, adjustable waist enables you to customize the waist size to fit your baby. Just fold the excessive elastic hole inside the pocket label
  • The stretchy and soft trim around the legs provides maximum comfort for your baby.
  • The wide array of patterns and color choices makes potty training fun!
  • Available in 2 size S/M(1-2.5 T) and L/XL(2.5-4T) to accommodate baby’s growth

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